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SIDE TRAKD: Taking his own lane to the top of the Deep House world

Today’s aural landscape is dominated by 1s and 0s. EDM is pervasive, having become a part of every style in one way or another, dominating pop and hip-hop, and everything else that’s on any radio station that doesn’t have the words “old” or “classic” in their names. More and more, we’re seeing that the sounds of today’s dancefloor fillers and bangers pop up in the Top 40 tracks of tomorrow.

Enter SIDE TRAKD. The evolving world of electronic music has created a new kind of DJ, one who is both producer and record selector, music creator and nightclub sound curator. Combining his understanding of the trends of today with an appreciation of the classics and an ear towards the upcoming beats of tomorrow, his live shows feature a thumping brand of deep house that incorporates multiple genres and has all the hallmarks of what today’s top digital performers bring to a gig. Not only do his sets include hits of the genre and his own creative works, but he brings elements of live performance to the stage. Using the digital controllers at his fingertips and his stunning talent as a musician and producer, he blends these features together on the fly, creating a unique experience for the listener that exists only for those who came out to the show.

Lately, he’s even transcended into different genres all together. Recently SIDE TRAKD has been playing a style he calls ‘Anything with soul’, and the musical categories on display have evolved substantially at his gigs. While still a man of the House, he’s gotten a taste for a different flavor of the electronic genre, and come up from the depths of the deep house world to a place where the horns and old school funk vibes are strong. His range and versatility mean each show, even on consecutive nights, can have a wildly different sound.

His abilities have seen him take a rapid trip up the leaderboard in the competitive Gainesville DJ scene. Starting out in 2015, he quickly racked up a major residency as a deep house mainstay at Gallery Ultra Lounge for their event Too Deep Tuesdays. He followed that up the next year by breaking into the larger festival scene at Spring Weekend. Since then, his business has been the party. He worked as direct support for AC Slater. He’s played at a slew of festivals. This includes a standout performance at Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival, a stage spot he won after conquering Destination: Okeechobee, a competition that bills itself as “…a nationwide battle of the bands to find the country’s best musical talent.” And he’s opened for a gang of top tier acts, including Tchami, Bonnie X Clyde, and Ferry Corsten. Rapidly flying towards the top and rising in popularity, SIDE TRAKD brings an incredible deep house sound, top tier talent and stage presence, and professional experience to any lineup he’s a part of to date.


  • Spring Weekend (2016)
  • Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival (2017)
  • Asteria Arts & Music Festival (2017 & 2018)
  • Pass The Good (2017)
  • Backwoods Fam Jam (2017)
  • Brainquility Art & Music Festival (2018)
  • Sunset Music Festival (2018)
  • Summer 72 (2018)

Notable Shows:

  • Direct Support for AC Slater (2016)
  • Road To III Points (2017)
  • Tchami Prophecy Tour (2017)
  • Bonnie X Clyde (2016)
  • Nitti Gritti (2017)
  • Candyland (2016)
  • Dr. Fresch (2016)
  • Cofresi (two day run in Florida) (2018)
  • Destination Okeechobee Winner (2017)
  • Destination Okeechobee Guest Set (2018)
  • Digital Ethos (2018)
  • Ferry Corsten (2017)
  • Part Native (2017)
  • Zoogma Farewell Tour (2018)