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SIDE TRAKD has become a hot name in the EDM scene in the southeast. In his time on the scene, he’s gone from clubs to playing at major festivals in the area, including a performance at Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival he acquired by winning a nationwide, Battle of the Bands-style competition, and has performed the past 3 years at the annual Brainquility Music and Arts Festival. In the past few years he’s evolved his sound to include a wider array of musical styles, including House, Funk & Drum and Bass, which turns out to be a horn blasting, bass slapping brand of funky, electronic jams.

He also brings what every DJ needs to bring to the stage nowadays: his own tracks. No stranger to the dizzying array of musical toys available to serious electronic musicians, SIDE TRAKD’s sets include songs of his own creation alongside those of other prominent artists. More important is his ability to turn all of this sound into a serious live show. This is what’s expected from EDM performers in the current aural environment, and in this regard, SIDE TRAKD never fails to deliver.

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